View Full Version : A small worry

10th Jan 2009, 15:32

Looks like there's a possibility of generic bad guys.

This isn't game breaking, but with such an awesome graphics engine and incredible attention to detail, it's a bit disappointing to be fighting the same guys over and over.

Hopefully the screen was something like pre-Alpha/Beta, so it's not going to be in the final game.

10th Jan 2009, 16:05
Lackeys are usually the last thing on the list of design for a game, I'm sure we'll have a lot of diverse baddies, but if we are going to be seeing a lot of henchman and lackeys then it's likely that we'll encounter the same thugs once or twice.

10th Jan 2009, 22:44
Aye, also I've noticed maybe only one or two models for the lackey's thus far, which is sort of understandable. You put in two base models so that it doesn't feel *too* repeditive while you finish it off, and so that the screen shots can look a little more interesting. Hopefully they'll add more models later on.

12th Jan 2009, 00:30
huh i didn't notice that

12th Jan 2009, 01:46
hi everyone, this is pretty much my first post but its probably the one i feel strongest on because its just so unrealistic. i agree with chimaera, i know the game isn't based off the dark knight, but didnt they learn to have different masks with different people, im sure that the joker doesnt order these masks in bulk. i can understand if they had the same jail uniform on or something. but why can they look different and have different builds and different masks? it just seems so unrealistic. different henchmen would really add more character to the game because it would add individuality to each character you fight. then again i just saw that they were not masks, but still, each henchman would have painted their face differently

13th Jan 2009, 06:05
Also, why are all of the villains buffed out? It's supposed to be an asylum, not a normal prison. Of course you are going to get some people who are a physical threat to the Batman, but it doesn't make sense to have a bunch of lackeys filling up the cells. I would actually prefer it if the major threats were traps, and have less generic bad guys but make them harder to beat. This place houses the most dangerous criminal minds in the entire DC Universe, so I find it hard to believe that many of them would simply use small time muscle to keep the Batman away.