View Full Version : Better Marketing Suggestion

1st Feb 2014, 16:32
So anyone who's in the alpha has undoubtedly noticed that the trailer for the game is neither representative of the gameplay, nor the graphical quality. What happened here? When I show people the trailer, they see it and think "the graphics look bad, and it doesn't seem very fun," and I have to explain to them that it looks WAY better in-game, and that the gameplay is more fun than it looks in that video. It doesn't really show any of the really awesome moments and teamplay that happen, which is what makes the game so great.

Just my two cents, because I think you'd get more people excited about the game if you marketed yourself a bit better.

1st Feb 2014, 16:47
that's probably because game is in CLOSED alpha, they don't need much attention, they don't need much people for testing purposes.
when an open testing will start there will probably be anothet announcement trailer.

1st Feb 2014, 16:59
I respectfully disagree. A lower quality trailer in order to get less attention to players doesn't make sense. Remember, this is currently the FIRST and in many cases, the ONLY foresight into the game that players currently have. And right now, the trailer is at the level of quality where players are actually dismissing the game, and no developer wants that. People being excited about a game should really have nothing to do with how many people they're letting into the alpha.

The idea is to get people excited so that they want to get in to the alpha with their friends, even if they won't be able to, because eventually they'll be able to play it. All games with early access still want people to get interested, what I'm recommending is that they give players a better taste of the game than what they have. Especially graphically, it looks like the video was taken with the quality turned way down on the game, which isn't good.

1st Feb 2014, 21:18
also, people might be impressed if they see some serious progress, so some stuff might be not showed intentionaly.
alternatively, that video might be form much earlier state of the game, when there wasn't much/any skills or visuals.

just rewatched it, i don't see anything horrible. also, i can say that i got exactly the same game that was promised in trailer. so the announcement trailer is completely OK IMO.