View Full Version : One Advice for CD

5th Jan 2009, 17:28
If you were to give only one advice for Crystal Dynamics about making Tomb Raider 9, what would you say?

I'd say they should focus less on graphics and more on the length of the game and its difficulty.

Mr Croft
5th Jan 2009, 17:34
There are already various threads about this. ;)


6th Jan 2009, 07:32
I say they focus on both :rasp: :p

6th Jan 2009, 10:02

John Akam
10th Jan 2009, 02:23
I'll say give Lara's sexy walk back.

10th Jan 2009, 08:28
Although it doesn't feature "sexy walking" as an option, as Mr Croft said there is already a thread about this (here's one (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=84639), the question is pretty much the same as asked here).

10th Jan 2009, 12:47
Make sure the graphics are still good and make sure there are enough levels to enjoy looking at :)

10th Jan 2009, 19:30
Include two more of Mexico's or Thailand's length levels and proper testing on glitches before the release would make me a very happy raider. :D

EDIT: I want more TRAPS!! Deadly ones that is :cool: