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3rd Jan 2009, 06:01
I feel that if we are to discuss things on a regular basis then we should at least know a bit about the people who we're arguing/agreeing with. I find if people know each other a bit more personally than they're less likely to flame each other, making this forum a cleaner and more productive place.

Suggested things to tell about yourself are Your Name, Age, how you got into Batman or general DC graphic novels, etc etc.

I'll start.

My name is Markus McManus, I am a Londoner of Irish descent, I am 18 years of age and I work as a freelance photographer. I first got into Batman graphic novels at the age of 14 when my friend Norton gave me an old copy of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, I instantly fell in love with the franchise.

So, have fun, kids.

The Lilac Pilgrim
3rd Jan 2009, 07:50
Nice to "meet" you, Markus.

I'm Aileen, 19 years of age, studying Immunology and Microbiology. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and am half Irish. I enjoy writing (novels, film/TV scripts and graphic novel scripts. If my sister finds the time, she'll be doing the artwork for my Batman story X] ).

I started watching Batman: The Animated Series when it first aired over here and became positively enamoured by The Joker (I stress the point NOT in a romantic way. I've written enough blogs on why that's stupid.), which is what got me into comics in the first place.

In the last few years I've managed to get my hands on a few good story arcs and graphic novels. The last ones I received were Christmas presents from my sister who managed to track down my own copy of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth which had eluded me for too long! :D

The idea of playing Batman games didn't really occur to me until LEGO Batman :lol:

3rd Jan 2009, 13:21
Hey folks, my names Arron, I'm 14 years old and I'm from Scotland.

I was 'luckily' brought up on the Superhero Genre by my Dad and Uncle. I watched 'Batman: The Animated Series', pretty much at the age of 2, I then watched Tim Burtons 'Batman' at the age of 3 (I know not exactly the best thing for a three-year old).
From then on I loved Batman (and Aliens, and the Hulk, and Spiderman and Star Wars). I got my first Batman comic at 11, Batman: The Killing Joke, and from then on I started collecting the Graphic Novels and recently I've discovered my Dads comic collection, which I treat with care.

4th Jan 2009, 10:20
My name is Kirk Peterson, and I am 15 years old and I go to high school for a living in Des Moines, Iowa.

I have no idea when I got into Batman. For as long as I can remember I have loved the Batman character. I watched all the movies when I was very young and read the comics when I was older.

I grew up watching these videos of Batman the Animated Series. It was just a video cassette titled: "The Riddler", "Two-Face", "Robin", or "The Joker" and it would have two episodes with the character that video was titled. Thats most likely how I REALLY got into Batman.

I'm really not into any other comic book character or franchise, I just like to watch the Batman movies, read the comics, and play some of the games.

6th Jan 2009, 08:15
My name is Holly, I'm 19 and am from the distant shores of Aussieland. I'm studying games graphics design, and am a general geek who enjoys shopping and rolling on the floor of an afternoon.

I first got into Batman through the animated series, and absolutely fell in love with all of it, but particularly the character of the Joker and of course, Harley. Years past and my love has been rekindled for various unknown reasons, and I am now a full obsessive who is intending to collect everything under the sun and giggles like a school-girl whenever she sees something Harley or Joker related.

Batman's pretty cool too though, don't get me wrong! I just always tend to find myself rooting for the bad guys. =P

The New Blueguy
9th Jan 2009, 05:17
My name is David. I'm 25 from Toronto, Canada. Currently I work as a security guard for a an entertainment and event security company. We handle security jobs mainly at concerts, trade shows and television tapings but sometimes I get jobs on movie sets and even stakeouts at celebrities houses. I write and draw in my spare time and am currently looking to go back to school on a four-year plan to design video games. It's been my life's passion to create video games but I've always been railroaded by my parents and family say there was no future in it. I hope to prove them wrong someday and my quest starts soon.

Anyway, I honestly can remember when exactly my Batman obsession started but I remember writing and drawing my own Batman comics and fan fiction from about age six. It's funny to go back and read some of my old stuff because my versions of Batman were more like Superman without the powers. LOL, that is to say, everything I'd have ol' Bats pull off was due to a ridiculous amount of "agility". Not super-human at all, just being able to outmaneuver people and telegraph their hesitations. Like he could dodge bullets just as good as Superman because he'd sense the motion of their arm as they pointed the gun.

Anyway, I grew up on Batman: The Animated Series and the Burton films and got into the comics soon after seeing Batman Returns. I remember being in awe towards the release of Batman Returns because there were giant billboards all over the city and I'd drive past a poster that took up a whole building everyday to school.

9th Jan 2009, 06:17
Daniel, age 20, from the Bay Area

I first got into the superhero craze when I was about 3 or 4 and I would constantly watch Batman the Animated Series all the time. Seriously. I would watch that show religiously. I grew up with Batman and I could never get enough. I've never been into comics as a kid as I am now which I read almost all the time. I love Batman and I hope I can add this game to my list of favorite Batman media.

10th Jan 2009, 00:42
Hello to all. My name is Sheri, but I'll answer to Harley. I'm 19 and from the boring land of Oregon, specifically the Salem area. I play Dungeons and Dragons, as well as write fiction novellas.
It's hard to tell when I really got into Batman. Like many of my generation, I grew up with a Dad that was a comic junkie. I saw the Batman movies at 9 or 10, possibly earlier, and watched the Batman: the animated series growing up. Around the age of 12 I got into Marvel comics really hard-core, and then from there started reading DC. My first boy-friend really liked Superman, so at the time I immersed myself into that world and learned all I could about Superman, which then lead me to Batman, who I found I enjoyed a lot more than his alien counterpart.
I then re-watched as much of the animated series as I could and fell head over heels in love with Harley Quinn, and from her, The Joker.
I can't wait for this game to come out. Paul Dini is the creator of Harley, and a wonderful writer. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I love RPG's and this is shaping up to be a wonderful game! :D

10th Jan 2009, 22:45
*cheers for the Harley fan* Yaaaaaaaay. Let's hope they treat her right, eh?

12th Jan 2009, 01:29
Hi Everyone,

My name is Ashton Sullivan and I'm 18... this feels like AA. lol
I'm pretty sure I was fed Batman in the womb. My brothers, being 12, 10, and 8 years older than me, raised me on superheros, but my oldest brother Brad was and is my Batman.
He taught me everything I know to be true about Batman. My first movie in theaters was Batman Returns when I was a year old. I was raised with all kinds of Batman action figures, toys, movies, comics, the animated series. We would always play Batman too, by tying these silk Batman movie wall hangers around our necks, we had a Jack Nicholson Joker one, and a Michael Keaton Batman one.

Most of all, my brother didn't only teach me about Batman, but how to be him. To have passion about things. How to be the superhero in other people lives. How to never give up. How to be strong willed. Pretty much how to be Batman, not just know about him. My brother is my everything and without him, there would be no Batman for me.

12th Jan 2009, 02:30
Hey guys!

The name is Kaz, but I answer to the forum name Zombie, too. I'm 21 and based near London UK, and currently work for a small Vet practice (it's damn cute). In my spare time I play video games and call my boyfriend "Puddin'".

To be honest, I didn't really have a keen interest in Batman until I first saw TDK back in July. I'd watched the animated and Adam West series as a child and enjoyed Tim Burton's movies, but somewhere between then and now, Marvel had come to dominate my comics shelf (second only to Sonic).

The Dark Knight changed all that, re-opening my eyes to the wonders of Gotham and its Finest. I feel sort of cheated, almost, that I've only recently come to appreciate Batman. All those years without Harley.. :(

I'm currently coupling an intensive diet with Karate lessons in the hopes of getting trim enough for Harley cosplay, and if it all works out, I'll be debuting the costume at the London MCM Expo May 2009.

13th Feb 2009, 04:07
Hi Guys, not much to say other than the fact that I'm really psyched about this game!

...and ever hopeful that the Dark Knight Game will be picked up by a developer.

13th Feb 2009, 09:14
Hi, my name is Ryukoken... you can call me Ryukoken :rasp:
I am not a big batman fan, I mean hes ok, I'll watch movies and cartoons but then its not about the name its about if it will entertain me. I mean it couldbe moleman for all I care, as long as it entertained me.
As for this game goes. It looks wick bad! I so can not wait and i hope a demo is released soon or I might don a clown outfit and go on a killing spree of myown just to pass the time!

k1ll1ng j0k3
13th Feb 2009, 16:21
Damn! Marcus I was about to write a thread about the same topic!
My name is Diego I am originally from Bolivia South America, I am 23 years old and I live in Virginia USA, I study philosophy and I first fell in love with Batman when I saw the Tim Burton movie when I was maybe 6 or 7 but what really got me into the comics was when I saw The Animated Series when I was around 11. I always loved Batman and I believe that what makes him such an iconic character is that he uses the intellect and strength that we all share as human beings and of course his gallery of villains, especially The Joker and Harley Quinn. Lately I have been more obsessed with The Joker than ever, I find certain connection between the character and philosophy and even classical literature… maybe it’s just me going mad but I do believe that he is the most enigmatic character not only in comics but in literature as well. I want to get a tattoo of him but I am waiting until the hype of The Dark Knight goes away. I really enjoy this forum and I consider it a pleasure being able to discuss these topics with such a diverse group as this one. I only have an Xbox 360 so anyone please feel free to add me as a friend; my tag name is K1LL1N J0KE

13th Feb 2009, 21:01
Hi, My name is Nico im 28 years old and from Germany.
I´ve been into Comics at least for 10 years.
Actually I don´t really like Batman, but the whole surrounding of him is really great. None of his Rouges is a one Hit wonder (an enemy that was invented to appear once to get his A kicked), and everyone of them has his Motives, why he does what he does.
I think the crazier a Bad guy is, the better, and the craziest enemies i´ve seen so far, are those of Batman.

14th Feb 2009, 18:21
I been a fan since i was a kid (I'm 26 now), I know everyone favourites the joker not that i hate him but I like Two-Face/Harvey, I been follwing the pre-production of BB since 2003 at superherohype.com. I own Batman 89, BR, BF, B&R, BB,TDK and BTAS on DVD.

16th Feb 2009, 04:23
Hai everyone. I'm Michael.
I didn't really start to be a Batman fan until I saw Batman Begins, and ultimately The Dark Knight was what got me addicted. :)

Since people are telling a little about themselves... then I guess I'll say that I'm in Communications and... currently made some videos... that if anybody wants to see... http://www.youtube.com/user/thewrongvine

Anyway, Arkham Asylum looks really cool. So, yeah.

17th Feb 2009, 16:46
Hi folks, nice to meet you.

I am Goran, 30 something years old and I am German. I am a big fan of the DC Universe and have several meters of comic books in my basement to prove it.

In order to do my job here even better I just odered a Batman belt buckle. ;)

And this is me 10 years ago:


17th Feb 2009, 17:29
Nice thread :thumbsup:


You look just like Jonathan Frakes who plays Riker in that photo... oh wait.... ;)

I'm Keir and I'm a community monkey at Eidos HQ :cool:

I'm the man to PM with questions and suggestions about anything :)

17th Feb 2009, 21:04
Yay community monkey! *fetches bananas*

GoranAgar, that wasn't taken in Las Vegas by any chance was it? I only ask because I stayed in a Trekkie sorta hotel once. =P

18th Feb 2009, 00:14
wassup everyone??

im Michael Hospedales,,im 20 years old and i got into batman like around the age of five when i was capable of understanding that batman is a badass....the best hero ever...batman arkham asylum: Game Of The Year 2009...

need i say more

18th Feb 2009, 09:25
Yay community monkey! *fetches bananas*

GoranAgar, that wasn't taken in Las Vegas by any chance was it? I only ask because I stayed in a Trekkie sorta hotel once. =P
That was actually a Star Trek exhibition in London. We still have to go to Las Vegas.

18th Feb 2009, 10:55
Sup? My name's chris, obviously I'm a dude. I have no life, well my life revolves around comics video games, and of course every kids nightmare. . . . . school :( etc (Most people don't consider that a life) Which is why I'm so excited about this game, it's going to kick ass, my lenghty experience with gaming tells me it's just going to be awesome.

19th Feb 2009, 05:46
there isn't a lot to know really - I have quite a few obsessions
a) Batman
b) Justice League
c) anything to do with batman and justice league (including but not limited to fanfiction
e) writing

I live in Canada; and adore the gotham girls ESPECIALLY miss. HQ. *sigh* anyway puddin talk soon, k? I'm female.