View Full Version : Garrett's run, speeds up and slows down

1st Jan 2009, 11:31
I have good FPS, but when garrett runs, he runs in slow motion and sometimes for a few seconds goes back to normal run speed and then goes back to running in slow motion. He also seems to jump in slow motion sometimes too.

When i turn down resolution it helps the problem, but now game looks crappy. tried using only one affinity in the task manager thing for dual threading, but does nothing at all.

I went to dell website and updated my system specific hardware drivers. Seems like the bios update fixed it for now. When im off again ill have to play a few hours to see if that cures everything. There still is a slight amount of lag spikes in movement but its playable now. (only played for 2 minutes to test)

3rd Jan 2009, 07:02
If you still have problems, tell us what game you are playing and give us your system stats in detail.