View Full Version : Orgin posibility of Batman:AA the video game

door noob
30th Dec 2008, 19:09
Ten years back Bruce Timm( Producer of batman Tas) was planning to make a DTV feature called Batman:Asylum, but was scrapped and Batman Beyond was made instead.
(scrool down)

Paul Dini being part of TAS cauld have now portrayed the movie idea into a video game...

Thoughts, comments? :scratch:...

door noob
2nd Jan 2009, 01:19

The Lilac Pilgrim
2nd Jan 2009, 03:54
It seems somewhat different to what I expect this game to be. I'm not going to say it's coincidence but a lot of people have Arkham-based ideas. I have several... but sadly I am not a comic book writer or artist. Woe is me.

Other than that:
I'd love to see The Joker experimented on at Arkham in graphic novel form.

3rd Jan 2009, 02:06
it would be awesome