View Full Version : Disappointment: Bravely Default Collector's Edition

31st Jan 2014, 13:25
I've seen reviews for the Bravely Default game coming to NA soon, and after playing the demo, I was eagerly awaiting it and was even looking to places to pre-order the Collector's Edition.

I've checked out the contents (http://kotaku.com/5928454/now-this-is-one-hell-of-a-collectors-edition-square-enix) and was really hyped to get something like that regardless of the cost.

But then, a friend of mine who I was talking to and was almost decided on getting the Collector's Edition as well sent me this link (http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/01/24/bravely-default-north-america-collectors-edition-unboxing).
It seems a lot better than the EU version, but still, feels terribly lacking compared to the JPN version.

Why does the Artbook seems smaller? No hard case?
It seems there's only 1 CD in the OST? Where's the other one?
And the other little things?

Well, so here I post my disappointment with it and the note that unfortunately I'll be passing the Collector's Edition.
In the future, if you're uncertain about a CE with a high cost not selling well, may I suggest that you provide two CE so people can choose?
That way, you'd cover a better range of prices people are willing to pay for such products, and people can get what they want.

Thank you for reading.

8th Mar 2014, 18:21
I know you are disappointed. I understand completely. Whether it's fair or not, the Japanese always get a better deal when it comes to boxed sets like this. Don't get me started on how I think we got cheated on the FF VII: Advent Children packages. First and foremost, Square is a Japanese company and they care if they cater to their people, but not so much everyone else. It's just the Japanese attitude toward foreigners. There are plenty examples of them dumbing down American releases of their games or skipping certain games entirely. (I'm looking at you Mario for the first example and Final Fantasy as the second.)

As disappointing as it is to get the stripped box set, in the end I'm glad that they release anything extra at all!

16th Apr 2014, 00:54
i can't even find Bravely Default in their games list. also sucks for me that i bought a pre-owned one since the previous owner didn't put the register code back in the case......