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31st Jan 2014, 04:02
I have came up with an idea to make consoles controls for some easier. Instead of having 16 skills per hotbar you could have 32.
Using R1 and L1 with same fuction as R2 and L2, adding 16 more skills to use above your said 16.
You are probbally thinking L1 is for target modes and R1 is to change hotbars.
This could be solved by setting them to L3 and R3.
For L3 would leave easy ascess for both dpad and X, square, triangle, and cirle using right thumb on L3 for dpad and left thumb for the other 4 keys. It would be vise versa for R3.
With 32 skill slots on your interface at one time there would be no need for toggling hotbars during battle.
Also I'm am new to forums and selceted 3 poll options but do not know how to set poll options up.

31st Jan 2014, 14:24
To be honest I'm fine the way they currently have it setup. I just have 2 cross-hotbars setup and quickly switch between them, bar 1 being my main actions and skills and bar 2 being buffs etc that I may only need to use occasionally. An example of this is my WHM hotbars has bar 1 with my main heals and buffs I use during battle and then hotbar 2 has secondary buffs like protect (only needed at start of battles) and my attack skills. So swapping between them with a quick tap of R1 works for me.

I don't have a problem with them implementing a custom option like you suggest but I don't see how it's work without too much screen clutter because the pad uses the cross style hotbar.

I don't know how they are going to do the more traditional PC style hotbars on the PS4 version and if this would work with a pad or force you to use a keyboard and mouse to have that style UI. Once the PS4 version hits then we can see how that works with having more actions selectable onscreen at once.