View Full Version : the on site batcave

door noob
24th Dec 2008, 22:31
What are you hoping to see inside the onsite batcave.

personally i would like to see
-a gadet arsenal
-several pasegaways throughout arkham
-costume modifire kind of place
-obviously the batcomputer
... and more

post what you would like to see inside the cave.

and who saw the new pick for the battle of the cowl looks preety interesting.

25th Dec 2008, 01:38
I kinda wanna see the Batcave from The Batman animated series that was released after Batman Begins was out. Not the one from the 90's or the new one where they made Batman look like the old fashioned one with another hero in every episode. I'm talking about the one that has the joker with dread locks haha. The intro episode of the joker from that series is kinda like the game coming out. It all happened the Arkham with the joker releasing everybody from their cells and Batman coming to save the day. It was an awsome episode.

Joker- "What are you going to do bats? Throw me in the looney bin? I'm already here"

25th Dec 2008, 04:59
I'd like to see an RPG-style element to Batman's arsenal/suit. Say for each suit or gadget, it could be upgraded based on Batman's economic status as Bruce Wayne or something. He'd use his finances to upgrade them, change it up, etc.

9th Jan 2009, 01:21
I would like to see all of the suits from every era. I would also like to see Alfred working on SOMETHING to show that he does play a bigger role than just keeping Bruce Wayne's secret. I would also like to see the Batcomputer, a few gadgets, the Batmobile, and definitely some area where Batman can train and work out.