View Full Version : Blood Omen Armour

23rd Dec 2008, 22:45
What was you favourite armour in Blood Omen?

27th Dec 2008, 20:45
Again, this depends, but Chaos Armor is best for most enemies. They lose health when they hit you and it looks the coolest.:p Bone Armor is essential for one dungeon, heh. Other than that, Chaos Armor.

Ardeth Silvereni
27th Dec 2008, 21:26
Chaos Armor is best for me too (I always want to spell it 'Armour'). I keep it equipped constantly after picking it up from Vorador's Mansion.

I never got on with the Flesh Armor; you get it in Dark Eden where there are lots of poisonous enemies, so it's more hassle than it's worth there. I might have to try it around the Nemesis soldiers sometime, but as they're pretty strong, it's probably better to stick with Chaos and let them injure themselves.

Wraith Armor might be practical if you're not using the Soul Reaver, alternate forms or spells, but you get it at a fairly late stage in the game, when I tend to be using more magic, not less. The Soul Reaver + Wraith Armor + Energy Bank could work for short periods, I guess.

28th Dec 2008, 18:12
flesh armour + axes... best time, when you come back from killing william and there is that long line of vampire hunters. time it right and you never get hit :D

also the flying blood is brilliant as it keeps missing you and spinning round :)

only time i gont use it is when fighting undead.

29th Dec 2008, 10:20
What I liked to do with Chaos Armour is letting those red female citizens hit me and then they would die!! :lol: :lol: