View Full Version : I don't have the product key!

23rd Dec 2008, 05:45
Hello there. I live in Thailand. Last week I bought Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the white box one, sold only in Thailand. The problem is that I cannot find the product key. There are 2 things in the box, a manual and a CD and no product key with them -- on the manual's cover or the CD case or even on the disk. No little piece of a paper attached to them (like other games). It is not required for the installation but it is for the multiplayer mode registration. Can anybody help me please. :confused:

**In the Setup text file in the disk, there are 2 lines of 'Product Code' and 'Package Code'. But each one contains 32 characters (and numbers) whereas the required product key is only 25 characters length. Is there a way to use them?

Thank you very much. :)

21st Aug 2009, 08:34
Hi! I guess you solved your problem by now, but if not ... the product key (or activation key) is on the backside of the manual, which should be in the box. I have the pc version, but i guess its the same. cheers!!!