View Full Version : thief2 crashes

21st Dec 2008, 15:23
hi,I this is my first post
my thief2 game closes after the first briefing has been played and press the start mission button.Also when i move my cursor over the options in the start menu they get highlighted with these grayish dots. All the error report says is thief has encountered a problem and needs to close.If look at what the error report contains it only has an error signature.
I tried several things like using a patch to make it version 1.18 from 1.07,hyper threading and removing the semicolon from the safe texture manager in the user.cfg ,loading some codecs as well as updating my direct x but the same thing happens.Of late i also changed the compatibility to windows98\windows ME the game opens at the start menu and introductory video clip is no longer played. When I click the intro option the cut scene plays, but then crashes. I've tried tuning off one of the CPUs in the affinity setting in the task manger.
my computer stats are:
windows xp,service pack 2
Intel Pentium dual CPU and 2 GB of ram
NVDIA GEfore 8600gt,512 Mb
and 232.8 GB in total HDD space
Can anyone please help me?thanks

26th Dec 2008, 15:25
thanks for all the help peter smith your FAQ helped me to get thief 2 to work.:)
I hope i do not encounter any further problems though.