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19th Dec 2008, 18:15
you guys i got a big problum i was stuck at this part of the game

i was at the very last part of xialiba were you get that weird stone head so i was going back to put it on the switch when i need the moder bike to get through so i walk back to the ramp and that wall ohh i tride every thing to get over it but it sims impossible so i went to load the game where i last save wich was where the moderbike was so i tride it it was infront of the ramp dad said look like the only way to fix this proublum is to start the game all over again ohh
please help me tell how to get over the ramp without the bike or tell me something that will help

19th Dec 2008, 18:18
at the end of xilaliba you get the jagwar head wich is next to the skull this is like the very begginging of the midgaurd searpent
i never relise there was a hole that leads to the blue glowing water so sprinted to those wodden ramps where you go over that big hole but the thing your talking about i was all ready on the other side i wasent where the poles was soo i went all the way back to the stone ramp you have to drive with the motorcycle but the motor cycle was on the other side of the ramp not on my side so i cant go to the next leval i try stick bombing me and hopes that i will respawn whrer the motorcycle is but im still atthat devill ramp

so thats my proulmum sorry if you cannot understand it but its the clearsist way to say it

so PLEASE HELP ME it took a very long time to where i was 17hours 28 miniutes 4 seconds to be exact if you know anyway to get me too the motorcycle or to restart the leaval that would be great

19th Dec 2008, 19:52
Uhmmmmmmmmmm, why did you make a new thread about it, this is NO technical problem.....

Leave the bike, go BACK, remember, where you found the head. Now go PAST/OVER those rocks and go further..............

The level is not finished yet!!!!

24th Dec 2008, 03:26
it kinda is because i got the jagwar head i exit the game reenterd the game that ramp you have to cross to get over to the jagwar head but i had no bike