View Full Version : stuck in thailand ds game

18th Dec 2008, 18:05
Can some one please help? I am at the area that Laura walks underneath a panel and steps on a panel which makes a pole appear (to get up on the platform) the problem is the pole goes down very quickly. I have tried MANY times to climb off the pole by back jumping etc...Can you tell me how you get past this obstacle. thank you

18th Dec 2008, 19:58
is it so difficult to post into the right forum??? :scratch: :confused: :scratch:

22nd Dec 2008, 18:44
He's right, this isn't the right place to post (should be in the gameplay forum) , but here's the answer anyway.

Step on the panel and quickly run to the pole and jump on it. Remember to use the fast traversal (by tapping the A button while climbing) to get up the pole and jump off when you're near the ledge.