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17th Dec 2008, 17:31
I dont even know why I bothered downloading and installing the patch because I had defeated the game prior to doing so and didnt have any problems; stupid me.

I read that each checkpoint it automatically saves and opened up the save slots (where?).

I started a new game and yes I did see a prompt "starting a new game will result in loss of recently saved data" which I'm just presuming that save slot #1 is still there and I can start a new one in slot #2; nope.

Again I started a new game, did croft manor and all of Mediterranian Sea and got to Coastal Thailand and decided to save and take a break, when I went to save all 4 slots were taken up by the auto save and I cannot over write any of the saves.

So as the title of this thread says the two reasons I'm unhappy with patch 1.1

#1-You cannot overwrite any auto saves when you want to save yourself
#2-Prior to this patch you can probably couldve defeated the game and had the ending in Slot #1 then when you wanted to start a new game you could save it in Slot #2; nope Patch 1.1 destroys that option

And I also tried going into the Game Options and see if there was a way to disable the auto saves in the save slots but I didnt see it.

So I guess I'm gonna start anew; gonna un install the game entirely, delete directories and registry entries and re install it and not gonna install patch 1.1

So I'm hoping that somewhere this will be mentioned and perhaps they will release a hotfix or another patch that allows us gamers to choose what we want to do in regards to save games :(


17th Dec 2008, 17:47
There is a patch? For which platform? What does it address?

I'm assuming PC from your post content about registry entries but still curious.

17th Dec 2008, 18:10
Patch for PC so far only and read this thread it will tell you what it addresses.


17th Dec 2008, 19:39
Thanks. :)

18th Dec 2008, 12:59
I am moving this to where the tech guys may see it. :)

Eidos Support
18th Dec 2008, 13:48
The PC version of the game offers more than 4 save slots, click on the arrow at the bottom of where the save slots are to move to the next page of saved slots.

The only platform I know of which only has 4 save slots is the Wii version which I believe is a Nintendo or Wii specific thing rather than something which was done by design.