View Full Version : What is CSF's Selling Media? (CD/DVD)

15th Dec 2008, 21:36
Hello friends. Please inform me, what is Commandos Strike Force's media type? I saw it is DVD in some shops. But if there are CD versions available too, i prefer CD. Is it only DVD or can i find CD too? If "yes", how many CD is it? Please inform. Thanks...

20th Dec 2008, 00:23
I would be very surprised if there are many other than dvd-format. Some small amount of some special edition might have been made on cd-rom but I doubt it.
I looked on the web and found only one thing about cd-roms and it said there wasn't any so I think it's dvd-only.

22nd Dec 2008, 21:50
Thank you very much Nzap...