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15th Dec 2008, 06:08
Here's what i think the story will go like.

Batman entering the gate.

Guard-Open the gates

Batman-Special delivery

Quincy-Thanks bat.

As batman enters arkham he see's most of his infamous foes.And batman,And quincy,And gordon enter the room.Joker breaks out of the strecher,And grabs one of the guards guns.And runs to the controlling room.

Joker-Hey,Batsy let's a fun time,Okay so me and my fellow friends have planned a game.If you can't find me in 72 hours your little friend quicny the warden get's to go for an electric ride.Showing the warden near a puddle of water,And an electric power cord held by harley quinn.Batman looks at joker and smashes the screen with his fists.

Batman-Okay,Joker i'll play as batman leaves the room.

Hey,Batman no over here.

Batman-Where are you.

Riddler-Riddle me this batman once you look to the sides,And the bottom.What's left.Look up.

Batman rolls out of the way,Of the crushing box coming from the ground.

Riddler-As you know batman joker and i have planned this together.So all your weapons put them in the box,You play by our rules.Batman removes all of his weapons.

Batman-Riddler you and joker will be put back in your cells.

Batman walks in the sell of the riddler.And picks up a key.

Batman stops and is hit back into the wall.Batman jumps back up only to see killer croc chasing him.As batman runs the other way he is pushed back only to see bane.That's where the two on one begins.

Batman punches bane,And jumps on top of his neck,And as killer croc searches for batman.Batman picks up a knife and throws it at killer croc.

And killer croc falls with the knife in his knee.Batman jumps and kicks bane in the face punching him until his is out.Killer croc tries to hit batman and hits bane knocking him out.

Killer croc looks for batman.Only to be kicked in the face knocked out.And a key falls from crocs hand.And joker appears on the screen.

Joker-AW!poo i thought those boozoo's could keep you off for a while.But i see only brains is needed to take you down batman.

Batman-Joker you are sick,,And i can't wait to beat the small off that face.

Joker-Batsy come down i guess that fight really did upset you.Well,Continue on if you wan't the warden.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH WOOH!

Batman goes on only to see two guards tied up,And batman must take the 4 guards out without setting off the other guards.Batman pulls up two of the guards and ties them up.

Then batman takes the guard out with the auto-matic.And kicks the other guard in the face.Setting the guards free.

Batman-Where is the control room.

Guards-On the 6 floor.

Batman thanks stay safe where no one can find you.

Batman takes the elevator to the sixth floor but is stopped at the 3 floor.

Joker-Not so fast your ruin the game bastsy.Penalty

Batman steps out of the elevator and gunshots fly.Batman ducks.And when he rises and bunch of sharp hats fly at him.

Ventriloquist-Hey,Batman this is the big time.

Mad hatter-Welcome batman to arkham hell on earth.

Batman jumps when hatter unleashes his hats of fury.Batman runs up to hatter and kicks him.Ventriloquist shoots at batman with fury.Batman rises and puches ventriloquist.

Batman says really joker is this the best pair you could come up with.Hatter rises and kicks batman.Ventriloquist shoots batman hitting him in the ribs.As batman bleeds.He slids and kicks hatter.And throws ventriloquist in the cell.Wesker is without scarface,

Batman punches wesker and knocks him out.Leaving him tied up in his cell.And scarface torn into 5 seperate pieces.

Joker-Batman you take the fun out of everything.You are just a...a...a party pooper.As batman is looking at the joker.

The riddler come sbehind batman and knocks him out with his cane.

Joker-Nice work riddler throw the bat in the icsolation chamber.

As batman awakens he is wrapped in a jacket.And set up in a room full of blood and writing on the wall that says welcome to arkham.

Joker-Batman wakey wakey hahahahahahahhahahaha.I hope riddler didn't hit you that hard because the game isn't even over yet.Even though most of the help is out.

A knock is heard on the door.

Joker-Oh! excellent your treatment is here batsy enjoy.Oh and by the way smile!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Catwoman appears and strikes at the batman.Batman with his hands ties in a stray jacket.Batman thinks and as catwoman strikes again,Batman truns to the side and catwoman cuts the jacket open.And batman punches catwoman in the face knocking her out and locking her in the room.

Joker turns on the sleeping gas thinking batman is still in.And catwoman falls asleep.

Joker un-aware of batman not in the room.

Batman moves up to the 5 floor.And joker finally discovers that batman is gone.Freaking out joker locks all doors in floor number 5 and batman is hit in the face with metal.

As batman jump up he sees mr.zsaz appers with a musel like thing on his face.Joker release it.And zsaz punches batman.And penguin fires his gun toward batman.Batman kicks penguin in the face and swings on top of a rusty pipe taking it down and beating zsaz with it.Knocking him out cold.And putting him back in the cell.

Batman picking up penguin and puching him in the face with his hand tieing him up and pushing him in the cell.

Joker-Batman while you we're wasting your time with those two idiots i had these installed in arkham a motion detecter on you at all times.Killer croc attached it to you during your fight.

Batman-Joker stop planing these games,When i finish down here your going back in your cell.

Joker-Really?Batman when you put me in my cell that' s the day i stop smiling.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Batman enters the sixth floor.And approaches carefully knowing that since it's the last floor joker will put out all the stops.

Hey,Batman.Riddler tries puching batman,Batman evades and hit riddler with a dangerous combo.Riddler tries striking batman with the cane.And batman dodges and beat riddler with a hard punch in the face.

Batman-Riddler that's what you get for the hit you gave me.

Riddler-Shut-up batman your dead.

Batman jokers just using you.


Batman-Once you're out your nothing to him.

Riddler-I'll make you eat those words.

Batman upsetting riddler takes the paper from riddlers side and snacthes the key.And kicking riddler in the face.Knocking him out and tieing him up.

Batman reads the paper and it tells where and what joker is planning.
Batman see's harley with quincy and 6 guards men in front of her.

Batman thinks crafeully one mistake can kill quincy.

Batman throwing riddlers hat on the ground,And the guards go all of them looking to see what might;ve happened.

Batman switches in and kicks harley in the face.And harley with the electric plug threw it at batman.Batman kicks the switch toward harley.Harley dodges,And says missed me but is kicked in the face by batman.

A slimy mark on the ground comes up and turns out to be clayface.And a plant grabs batman poisin ivy.

Batman is being held by ivy while harvey picks up the big hammer.

Barbara gordon was usaully with batman on the radio.But comes just in time and kicks ivy off of batman.

Batman kicks ivy and ties her up.And barbara sprays her with sleeping gas.Batman kicks clayface only to fall.Barbora configured an antidote for clayface.Throwing it into clayface turning him into a human.

Batman tieing him up.But harley escaping.But only to be kicked back into the room by batman.

Batman tells barbara to get the warden out of here.Batman enters jokers room.Turns the chair around and finds a bomb on 20 seconds.

Batman grabs quincy and barbara and get under his cloaked.

After batman sees joker at the gates flying out.

Joker-HAHAHAHAHAHAH Batman it's never over i am always laughing because life is a twisted laugh of joy.

Batman-Joker your sick and need help

Joker-Batman sick is just a state of mind hahahahhahaa.

Bat man throws a punch at the joker ut it's grabbed,By none other than two-face.Come on batman the game isn't over yet.Two-face shot a bullet threw batman.

And batman jumps back beaten and heart from all the pain he's been threw.Two-face put's his hand on the trigger and it's kicked out of his hand by night-wing.

Night-wing-Batamn go on and catch joker this weirdo is mine.

Batman-Thanks kid.

Batman feeling better is stopped and carried up by man-bat.Batman kicks man-bat in the face and falling to the ground.Batman punches man-bat to the ground.Hitting it hard.Man-bat kicking him off biting bat-man and throwing him to the ground.

Nightwing kicks two-face.And two-face charging at him and punches hiim in the face.And pulls his gun out.Nightwing throws his bato-rang and the gun is hit out of his hand.Two-face head turned focusing on the gun.Night wing punches two-face in the face and ties him up.

Catching up to batman.Man-bat stands up running to batman.But nightwing kicks and and stabs an antidote in his neck then ties him up.

Nightwing,And batman running after the joker.Batman catches joker and punches him in the face.

Batman-Joker it's over

Joker-HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA batman it's never over you never think about the unbelieveable do you.

As batman goes for the final punch.Quincy the warden grabs batman's hands.And pucnhes him in the face.

Batman-What are you doing.

Quincy-Batman come on i mean how long can you go without feeling the bad side of thing,I mean 20 years of this hell whole and you know one thing i've learned.Never trust anyone unless you know what they are capible of.

Joker-That's whay batsy me and sharpy here have been planning this ever since he took over.

Batman-Quincy come on this is a loonatic he will turn on you any chance he get's.

Quincy-Batman do you really think that him a clown at that could outsmart me.

Quincy slapping the joker.

Quincy-Batman he is nothing but a joke a loser he isn't even a menace just a two-bit clown make-up wanna be criminal.

Joker pulls a knife out of his pocket stabbing quincy.

Quincy-Why? we...we we;re a team.

Joker-Sorry! sharpy joker doesn't work with losers.HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Batman-Your sick joker

Joker-You know what batsy i know hahahhahahahahaha.

Batman puching joker,Joker throwing knives at batman.

Nightwing being held by scarecrow.

Scarecrow spraying gas on nightwing.Making him see horrific images of the scraecorw.Batman kicking scarecrow.While joker get's away in the car.

Scarecrow whistling signaling mr.freeze.

Batman jumping on freezes helmet and throwing him at scraecrow.Batman puching scarecrow.And nightwing hitting him with a stick.And tieing him up.

Mr.freeze standing up his vision blurry and batman with a kick to the face.Tieing him up and leaving him with the guards to rack up.

Batman,And nightwing jumping in the batmobile.And Batman seeing jokers get away car.Batman jumping on the car and cutting a whole in the car.And pulling the joker out.

Joker-AW! almost got away curses batman.

Batman delivering joker back to asylum this time with commisioner gordon leading asylum.

Batman loadging joker into asylum this time with no corrupt leader.As batman looks around at the damage he caused.

Batman smiles

Joker-I knew it.I knew it i made you smile that's what all this was about.Hahahahahaha.

Joker-By the way batsy you may have put me back here.But this isn't the last of the prince of clowns hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
And batman stands on the ledge of arkham and stares at all this and what joker created he says ''The world has really grown some freaks''.

Batamn leaves in his batmobile.And the joker smiling as they put him into his cell.With a sick grin on his face smiling like there is no tomorrow.

And then the game ends with batman riding into the city getting a call about some thugs stealing.

Also game developers fill free to use some of my script of the game thanks posters and read&rate it.

16th Dec 2008, 14:18
wow, that sucked from what i read, u need to get a life.

16th Dec 2008, 20:47
The best part of this is:

"Batman is hit in the face with metal."


The rest of this TL;DR post is completely not worth reading.

17th Dec 2008, 00:38
Wow, you must have worked really hard on this. Here are a few problems you will run into though.
1.) Too long. No one will most likely read this because of it's unbearable length. Like WhatsHisFace said, this isn't worth reading anyway.
2.) You seem like you're under 13. Not to sound like my English teacher, but the grammar, and general execution of this...whatever this is, this "script" is downright horrible.

I'd give this a 1/10. Maybe a 1.5/10 considering you spent an hour or something writing all this, even if it is crap.

Finally, What makes you think game devs will use this?

17th Dec 2008, 15:32
Your plot has so much stupid dialoque that even MUA would be ashamed of. :o I've got to appreciate your long, hard work. I never could have written a post that long. Congrats, even though reading your post was a waste of time.

17th Dec 2008, 17:08
holy crap u a real genius man! it would take the s**t out of me to be that prolific.:mad2:

17th Dec 2008, 19:36
I do agree with you guys.I did work hard on the story and after reading it i thought to myself wtf.Was i thinking.Because i had many errors i don't know if anyone noticed but my fights all they had was the villians working together.And i had grammar mistakes mostly because i rushed it. But you guys must agree i was bored and only did it because nothing has come out yet.

The Comedian
22nd Dec 2008, 10:36
I cant believe i read 1/5 of this.

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longest post ever

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longest post ever

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