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15th Dec 2008, 04:01
Anyone here read comics, just wondering. And if so what was your favorite graphic novel.

16th Dec 2008, 11:41
frank miller (Batman : th dark knigh returns) it was so good :) and aslo Arkham Asylum a serious house on a serious earth by Grant morrison , about Grant novel it was amazing and odd too.

17th Dec 2008, 23:19
My all time favorite comic book is Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. You can even tell by my signature! LOL! But a close second for me is Batman: The Long Halloween. I love to how its a mystery and by the end of it, you still aren't sure who the real killer is! Another good one is Knightfall! If they make another Batman movie, I think it should be based around Knightfall.

So yeah.... those are my favorites.

18th Dec 2008, 17:44
agreed Batman:The Dark Night Returns:)

Schiff, Thomas
19th Dec 2008, 03:14
My favorite was called "Joker" by Brian Azzarello


19th Dec 2008, 15:27
All great suggestions so far.

My list of must read Batman related stories are:

Dark Knight Returns
Year One
The Killing Joke
Batman: Year 100
The Long Halloween
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Gotham by Gaslight
Batman Vs Predator

I also really like the Judge Dredd crossover story Judgement Day - mostly for the artwork and the idea of Bats and Joe meeting up.

Another one worth mentioning as I like it's quite cute in it's own way is the Warren Ellis 'Planetary' story Crossing Worlds; part 3 - Night on Earth.

Which leads me nicely to the recent, and still ongoing, Batman RIP stories that Grant Morrison has just put out. Really good lore, storyline and artwork. I'll be buying that when it comes out as a graphic novel.

For a 1st post I sure got into it eh? Good idea signing up here.


Schiff, Thomas
19th Dec 2008, 22:52
Oh I loved the Killing Joke..... one of my faves

another Fav si Joker and the Mask or something like that....

22nd Dec 2008, 14:50
If we are sticking to batman GNs only then I'd have to say "Long Hallween" and "Knightfall Vol1" at a close second.

But if it is all Graphic Novels then my absolute favorite is "Identity Crisis"

The Comedian
23rd Dec 2008, 09:35
The Long Halloween.
I think I might have read that the most out of graphic novels.

Batman: Child of Dreams
In my peersonal opinion its a hidden gem that no one talks about.

Will be picking up Joker today.

24th Dec 2008, 19:18
When it comes to the Batman comics its obvious to point out ones like The Killing Joke, Death in the Family and The Dark Knight Returns as favourites for me. But there's a few that I haven't heard a lot about such as:
Batman: Under the Hood
Batman: Going Sane (a good Joker story btw)
Batman: Secrets (very good story)
Batman: Jokers Asylum (tells secrets of batmans villians, highly recommended)

Okay so Jokers Asylum and Under the Hood are quite recent, but if anyone gets the oppurtunity to read any of the above stories then do it. They do not dissapoint.
I really should get an account on amazon so I can review things :D

27th Dec 2008, 19:35
My favourite has to be.. The killing joke.
I also love Arkham Asylum A serious House On Serious Earth, such as brilliant and complicated book. But absolutely beautiful illistrations.