View Full Version : Lost items (Jaguars Head) PS3

14th Dec 2008, 22:49
I'm in the Southern Mexico level (Xibalba) and having adjusted the first calender dial which required the golden skull I've gone to the second calender dial only to find I no longer have the jaguars head I collected when I first entered the area. !!!! :mad2:

Is this an issue just with the PS3 version or do items that have been collected disappear from other platforrm versions? I guess I have to find a save point and start again, not good!!!

The game has its fair collection of bugs (far more than it should have), but this takes the biscuit as I'm starting to lose interested fast... Does anyone know if there is a patch on the way........ or I may just load up HOME and say there.....:(

Thanks :wave:

28th Dec 2008, 09:12
I had exactly the same problem, but with the Shiva Gems in thailand.

If the saving (or whatever) really breaks the game, I think someone should look into this.

10th Jan 2009, 16:10
*Bump* ive got the same problem (Lost Jaguar Head) very irritating.. gotta go through the whole game becuase of no early savings :(

Please.. release a fix/patch for the ps3 asap!