View Full Version : ps2,psp left behind.................

12th Dec 2008, 19:03
I saw the trailer on gamespot at the end of the trailer someone said for ps3,xbox360,pc only no ps2 and psp :( I was happy when I was seeing this video because it is an awsome batman game ever!!!:thumb: BUT I WANT TO REQUEST THAT EDIOS AND ROCKSTEADY WILL HAVE A PLATFORM FOR PS2 OR PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish..........................:hmm:

13th Dec 2008, 00:31
We're at the end of 2008. If I were you I wouldn't expect (m)any more games to be released for the PS2. If you can't upgrade to a current gen console, I'd recommend that you stop following new games or you're just going to meet time after time of disappointment like this.

14th Dec 2008, 01:29
Same with me but im going to save up for a PS3 just so I can play batman. :lol:

17th Dec 2008, 21:08
come on now frz you just cant make threads outta that topic. Its no use. Sad for the both of us.:(