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11th Dec 2008, 04:47
curious to see what gadgets you would like to be able to use, and maybe some input on what you would like to be able to pull of with them.

I would like to see upgradeable gauntlets for more damage.

11th Dec 2008, 05:34
i cant wait to play with the grappling hook gun

12th Dec 2008, 00:00
yea me to, im hoping your able to use that experience they talked about to buy some cool new moves to keep it exciting to.

12th Dec 2008, 02:35
i hope to see the Bat Shark Repelent from the old 60's movie..... lmao :lol:

14th Dec 2008, 17:25
Obviously batarangs are going to be involved. In gameinformer they said that when you throw the batarang it goes 1st person on it and control where it goes or something. That sounds kinda crappy, but we'll see.
As far as everything else goes, maybe Jumpline gun, Bat Shark Repellant, Bullet-Proof Soles, Grapple Pistol, Parachute Cape. :)

19th Feb 2009, 07:10
I'm abit of a geek when it comes to gadgets in videogames - I'll be the first to admit that.
So I'm pretty excited about being able to use the different gadgets that Batman has at his
But my biggest concern is if they will actually be able to use the gadgets to their full
extent both properly and creatively.

On that note; these are the gadgets I wouldn't mind using in the game:

a) the grapnel hook (which includes all of its parts: collapsable grappling hook,
wall penetrating grapnel (with gun), and the penetrating dart. - go without saying.
Since playing without these is like playing Batman without his Utility Belt. And, we already
know that they are in the game because of the trailers.

b) I would love to be able to use his "Gas Pellets" and The Aersol Collections.
Especially the flash/bang charges, ver-sed, IR paint markers and Tear Gas.

c) If you can use the batarangs in the different ways that each seperate situation might
call for it. I.e being able to use the batarang like a throwing knife to cut a cable
which opens a trap door. Or using the explosive batarangs..I just don't want to use them
to knock out random goons who may possibly at some point get in my way.

d)I would also like to be able to use his Batnoculars (ok I dunno if they are called
batnoculars, but thats what I call them) -- his batnoculars can have four states
and they could all access the D-Pad. Up (^) could be use the Infrared, Right (>) could
use light amplifacation, Left (<) could be bloom supression (reduces glare) and down (v)
could trigger the Ultraviolet lights and pressing the L3 button could trigger the zoom
(according to my sources its 60%, but they can make that higher if they would like, I
can imagine) and if you press the L3 button while also pushing lets say L2 Batman will
be able to snap a photo of whatever it is that he is staring at with the batnoculars.

e) Also would be a handy tool, would be his tool kit. the idea of actually being able
to strip wires when needed (handy if you need to hotwire something, I would imagine)
and his electric lockpicking tool could be quite handy being trapped in the

f) I'd also like to have Batman to have access to a USB key or a minicomputer for if he has to hack into something like security system
or Arkham's records.

19th Feb 2009, 21:48
WOW I love those ideas^ I just hope he uses batarangs becasue in Batman movies he's only used batarangs like twice

28th Feb 2009, 02:49
The Grappling hook. Hopefully it will be like Tomb Raider: Underworld and you'll be able to use it in many different way, but for combat and exploration/puzzles.

28th Feb 2009, 14:19
grappling hook. It's my favorite an none of the previous Batman titles have done it well. They only let you use it when the game tells you to lol I can't wait to use it in Batman Arkham Asylum :whistle:

28th Feb 2009, 20:23
I'd only want a grappling hook if it came with Robin and some nice banter between Mathew Valencia and Kevin Conroy on the way up.

1st Mar 2009, 23:20
:lmao: Everything has to have a great weapon right?:scratch: Well I know Battsy will. Joker should get his BANG FLAG gun :lol: