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9th Dec 2008, 17:35
PC version here. I have a problems.

I'am at Southern Mexico Xibalba, and i need the motorcycle to jump the ramps and go along the paths. I have just replaced the monkey head on the round moving platforms and the ground moved and flaming heads appeared, i done this twice on both platforms. I need to go back and pull the last time but the bike is totally gone out of sight and i cannot get over the wooden ramps. Why and how can i complete this???

10th Dec 2008, 06:31
l did it over 10 times the first attempt and never managed to lose the bike, you must just be unlucky omega59. Here is a savegame, left temple first attempt, put the skull on align the calendar, sprint and jump out the hole in the wall, bike is parked below. Three turns with an island in the centre, one trap to jump then turn left when you see the turn off. Good luck.

If you have replaced the jaguar head again, l am thinking you have been loading a save game each time you failed, loading the same save game multiple times can sometimes have strange effects. You only need to move the statue with the skull on it when you fail, the one in the temple where you originally put the jaguar head.

10th Dec 2008, 16:54
wow thank you for the file it is much appreicated and i will give it a try.


19th Dec 2008, 18:32
i have a some what simalar problum buts its not with the wooden ramps its with a stone ramp you dont jump over a hole to move on you jump over a wall lara cant climb on so was playing and my bike was gone how can i get over the wall if i dont have my bike

:( how dumb if you need help i made two treads about this problum

first tread

second tread

30th Sep 2012, 00:02
Somehow my bike got stuck in between the crevice of two walls right where the door is and I apparently cant get to my bike since it's at an angle and I just slide down everytime I get near it. HELP!