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8th Dec 2008, 18:45
hi i want to buy new video card to run TRU, cause i can't run it with my PC now. my video card is ASUS EAX300SE, and i want to buy Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB.

so will i be able to run TRU with:
- Intel Celeron 2.66GHz;
- Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB;
- CPU Speed: 2.67GHz;
- 1GB of RAM;

please any kind of help is useful.
P.S.: don't give links to the System Requirements Lab, cause i want your opinion. tnx

8th Dec 2008, 18:49
so will i be able to run TRU with:
- Intel Celeron 2.66GHz;
Ugh. The 3GHz CPU requirement for Intel CPUs on the box is based on a Pentium 4, but a Celeron is a castrated Pentium 4 at best so you'd need even more than 3GHz to fulfill that requirement.

Not that the game shouldn't run, but it probably will run slow unless you turn off a lot of options.

Maybe get a new CPU and mainboard along with your new graphics card?

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8th Dec 2008, 20:25
an 8800gt is a great card for nividas 8 series... i would step it up and get like a ati 4850 or 4870 for the simple fact that 8800 gts are oldschool... plus with new games coming out soon....... you would want a ddr3 or dd5 gpu........ the 4850 is awsome and cheaper the 4870... also your chip is alttle old... try doing some o/c on it to push it a bit .....