View Full Version : Camera (PS3)

8th Dec 2008, 04:36
Is there anyway to turn the auto panning camera off? I've loved TR since day 1 and camera issues seem to be a defining part of the game. I always put it off and say 'they'll have that fixed in the next game.' I think Underground could be one of the greatest games ever (at least on the PS3) exceptional graphics, movement, game play etc. except the damn camera. When you try to solve any puzzle that involves a specific jump (Southern Mexico, room with flames for example) the hardest part of the puzzle isn't the precision jumping or figuring out where to jump, its trying to accomplish this with the stupid camera randomly moving around.

I have friends that won't play the series anymore because of the camera issues. This could very well be the last Lara game I buy if this isn't resolved. Sorry but my money will go else where.


10th Dec 2008, 11:22
Even after 11 years they still have problems but I gess when you play the game over 100 times you become used to the camera... :poke: