View Full Version : tru perfect with nvidia 7300

7th Dec 2008, 21:52
after reading all the threads about problems running the game, (i had the same problems), i made a search with google and i found a software that resolved my problem: rivatuner220, at guru3d.com (http://www.guru3d.com/index.php?page=rivatuner).

i've installed the latest driver (forceware 180.84), then the riva tuner and, after that, the program runs smoothly ;)

any questions, don't hesitate

7th Dec 2008, 22:48
It didn't work for me :scratch: (7900 GTX) but thnx for sharing

12th Dec 2008, 16:52
I use rivatuner too overclock my card and speed up the fan a little bit for better cooling.

And use ati tool to test for artifacts.