View Full Version : Crashing in the same spot(Mexico)

7th Dec 2008, 19:23
Right, I entered the temple with the fire breathing statues where Lara barely falls in the spike pit, After that there is a lever and an entrance to the sides, I go to the entrance but before I could enter to it's right it crashes... Always at that same spot, My TRU is 100% original and I have gone far enough with Vista's random crashes(bsod)but this one is different, It's in the same spot and it crashes to desktop not a complete restart, I hope I won't have to order another copy of the game :(

Either Eidos makes a patch or it would suck

My PC is Vista ultimate edition x64 bit
Geforce 9800GT

I'l try to re-install tommorow and keeping my savegames but if this doesn't fix it then I desperatly need a patch or something to fix it, I don't want that my original disc is damaged, It's not even scratched for crying out loud.

Please help, Thanks in advance.