View Full Version : Severe graphical corruption/missing models

7th Dec 2008, 01:14
So I recently installed this game, and was met with some very pleasant graphics when I tried to play...

Pic: http://freefilehosting.net/show/42j6a

Dxdiag: http://freefilehosting.net/download/42j6c

UPDATE: I managed to fix this by setting AA to 2x, but performance is rather poor... IMO there's no need for AA at 1650x1080, and decreasing resolution is worse than disabling AA... oh well

7th Dec 2008, 12:30
yea, this is probably a graphic card driver incompatibility with your 3870 and TRU. Catalyst 8.12 is supposed to come on 10th december, hopefully it will fix this. You see threads concerning this issue almost daily in the tombraiderforums