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6th Dec 2008, 21:26
:confused: i have a very important question i've installed the Tomb Raider Undeworld demo and it working very slowly and I can't see Lara,it's all black and I don't know if the game will work on my Notebook. I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-17N Pentium T2370, 1,73 GHz, 2GB, 200GB, i have vista on him and also Display and video WXGA, cipset video Intel GMA X3100.
Please tell me where i have it wrong, i mean will it work the game on it, and if not what I have to change?
Thank u so much :-)

7th Dec 2008, 10:19
First off, mobile video chipsets aren't supported (only ATi and nVidia desktop chipsets are) by the game's makers.

You could try updating your graphics drivers to the latest version, but I wouldn't hold my breath - the lack of dedicated video ram, low GPU clock and design for power efficiency all add up to "probably won't work"...

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7th Dec 2008, 21:45
hi, you said that i can update my drive, how can i doi it, where to check. Please tell me. It 's funny because I bought it 5 months ago. and i don' t think that it can't be changed like on the PC.