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4th Dec 2008, 23:03

I have next problem:

I bought Commandos BTCD a few years ago, and it worked fine on win 98. But now on vista I'm getting Not suported on NT system msg, and with tutorial, I get Insert CD msg. So I tried with Virtual PC, I instaled Win 98, and tried it there, but all I was getting is Insert CD msg. It's original cd, so it should work al least in Virtual PC, right? I'd like to play this wonderful game once more :)

5th Dec 2008, 04:53
Vista has a lot of issues with games for some reason...

I had the same problem with BEL but my BCD works fine. Make sure you change the compatibility of the game from Vista to Win 98. If the problem continues try hitting ESC when you see the Insert CD screen and see if the game will load. If it doesn't a no CD crack will correct the issue.

8th Dec 2008, 11:19
Yes, there is a problem with these files. I have original, and it is using a combination of SafeDisc and CDLock copy protection. SafeDisc is not a problem, but CDLock apparenty is. Folder K:\coman_mp\datos\recursos\bmps\map_mp\ where this files should be, is not accesible, even tho I see it in explorer. Original cd is not damaged, since it's not scratched and reading with DAO method doesn't give me any unreadable sectors, except the ones that are part of SafeDisc protections (sectors cca 1000-10000) As far as I know, CDLock uses some dummy files, and I think Win XP and Vista have problems with that. Even with full install, installer doesn't install these files on hard disk, so it allways search for them on CD. That means even nocd crack doens't help. I think that NT based windows just doesn't support this protection, I think it might not even be all versions, but here in central EU, we just got version with that kind of combination of cd protections. I'we downloaded pirated version, since I have no other option to play the game, but I'm quite saddened that I can have the original just for collecting dust.