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3rd Dec 2008, 23:51
Hi...I just want to ask the Battlestations Pacific Creator..WHen the Full PC Dvd CD of BSP come out can the Demo release on that day too?... Maybe give us some demo to play SIngle player... and Multi player maps..Because if i buy this game.. order from website it cost maybe RM227 because in the other post i see the Xbox BSP cost $59.99.. times my money x RM 3.8 = RM 227.....There's no local store selling in Malaysia... Maybe if sent the game to Miri,Sarawak.. where i stay.....if cannot sell this game at my local store realease demo or if i buy .. will it reach

4th Dec 2008, 14:30

A demo will be released about teh same time as the full game. At this time we are not sure if it will be MP or SP however I remember soem discussion about the learning curve on the demo for Midway so I would not be surprised if teh demo included a training mission. That of course is conjecture on my part.

3rd Jan 2009, 20:47
well. I think the demo should come out like 1 or 2 months before the actual game. Because if the demo comes out the same day as the actual game. Then i wont spend my gamer points on that and just use my card to buy it. :D