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30th May 2012, 22:54
Thinking of buying this game on the PSN and finally finishing it.

30th May 2012, 22:58
I think you mean Xenogears.

31st May 2012, 07:08
Yeah, you're right lol. I think i changed it though? o. O i edit the thread. Anyways. It WAS 5.99 on the PSN now it's 9.99 ; ;

31st May 2012, 09:52
How far did you originally get? I think everyone agrees disc 2 was a let down but it's understandible for such a long game. I would say get it and finish it, especially if you only got like 30- hours into the game. The last boss music is awesome. :D

9th Jun 2012, 01:19
My favorite game of all time. Everything about it I found fascinating, from the heavily religious storyline to the fantastic characters to what I consider some of the best events in RPG history. I also loved the mech combat, and the nice focus on martial arts moves. The battle system is sheer genius. Oh yeah, and even if they warned you about Disc 2 and it was really because the staff ran out of their budget, I still enjoyed that part of the game.

11th Jul 2012, 22:56
I started this game but it languishes in my "to play" pile.

For me, the hardest part about this game...was finding a copy of it. Not a fan at all of downloads as I've seen the pitfalls of them and enjoy having a hard copy on hand. The bad thing: found this...years ago...as a Greatest Hits...for $45 at Gamestop...USED. What?! Asked them why, as it was an older game and heard "Oh, the rarity of this one!" Gritted my teeth...and plunked down the gil since I had been looking for it for awhile. At the time, wasn't familiar with this wonderful site, or the fact that you could purchase this game straight from SE. For $20.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! >_<#

12th Jul 2012, 21:33
I got to the end and could'nt beat it,but I loved the other personality "ID" this game is waaaayyyy better than "XENOSAGA"

12th Jul 2012, 23:04
I played it when it first came out for the original Playstation. I finished it after a year or so. I loved that game. One of my all time fav RPG's!!

21st Jul 2012, 19:48
I'm thinking about buying a PS1 classic to hold me over from when I finish with Theatrhythm (should happen Monday) to the release of KHDDD, and these two both look pretty good. Right now I have the $6 needed for Vagrant Story in my PSN wallet, but wouldn't have a problem dropping in a little more to get Xenogears. To those who have played both, which of the two is better on the whole?

21st Jul 2012, 20:48
Both have great stories to them. Vagrant story takes a bit more..... strategy to work out since you gotta have the right weapon for the right monster. Its a bit more difficult than Xenogears.

21st Jul 2012, 23:11
Well, I played both but I would recomend Vagrant Story. The story is really good as well as the characters, the combat is based on you reflexes cause you have to press the attack button at the right time, being more dinamic. It´s a little tricky but good. And the music is pretty good too.

Xenogears on the other hand, has a story a lot more complex , the characters are kinda weird (anime style) though the combat system is simillar to most turn-based JRPG. I remember some battles were really tough and I actually never finished the game.

Actually, I want to buy both of them again so I can finish Xenogears and I can replay Vagrant Story for like the 4th time.

Hope it helps!

22nd Jul 2012, 00:56
I think I'll go ahead and buy Vagrant Story then, and nab Xenogears when I next put money on my PSN. Moved to an apartment for school now though so I have to budget carefully, it may not be til next summer I get Xenogears :(... oh well. lol

23rd Jul 2012, 19:54
not a bad choice at all there.

23rd Jul 2012, 22:33
So far I'm loving VS but the fact that you need a guide until you get analyse is kinda annoying, I kept doing 0 damage because I didn't know what to use or what to hit lol

23rd Jul 2012, 23:41
Both are amazing games and I had them both when I was 16 but since then have lost most of my PS1 games. I actually still have the cases but no CD. Never got the chance to beat neither of them, too busy playing FF7-9, Chrono Trigger, and Legend of Dragoon at that time. I'm definitely going to have to purchase both of these great titles again on the PSN store.

25th Jul 2012, 23:00
I'm thinking about buying a PS1 classic to hold me over from when I finish with Theatrhythm (should happen Monday) to the release of KHDDD, and these two both look pretty good. Right now I have the $6 needed for Vagrant Story in my PSN wallet, but wouldn't have a problem dropping in a little more to get Xenogears. To those who have played both, which of the two is better on the whole?

I would get VAGRANT STORY if you like puzzles and intrigue.XENOGEARS if you like your games to be verrrrrrry long.I found that XENOGEARS was a bit text heavy for me,but I never beat it.

26th Jul 2012, 21:56
They're both really great games. I think you should play Xenogears first, though.

...Speaking of Vagrant Story however, check out what I found a new local videogame shop for $68:

i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm196/DarthM... (http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm196/DarthMallrat/Vagrant_Story_1.jpg)

18th Nov 2013, 02:38
hello, i m Fulvio from italy... i m a square enix gamer since FF3 (and u were called squaresoft at that time) and i loved to play a lot of your unforgettable rpg... among the web u can find lot of "reasons" explaining why xenogears didn't had a sequel... i would like to ask you ppl what about making a sequel or maybe the time for bringing up the saga as it was supposed to be in "Xenogears: Perfect Works".... the world really need some good game and xenogears is one of the finest and more loved game without a sequel..... pleeeeeeease that would be wonderful :D

Best Regards, keep the good job.

Fulvio Cilento.

25th Mar 2014, 14:13
Dear Squaresoft,

I'm in the process of enjoying the X/X-2 HD remake, just as I did for Kingdom Hearts. That being said, PLEASE do one for Xenogears! My favorite RPG of all time. I would also accept a FF7, but I'm sure you've heard that countless times.

C'mon. You know you want to....:worship:

12th Dec 2014, 15:49
I first played this game on a demo disk a long time ago. I don't exactly remember the date but once I played it I was hook. it took me a while to find a copy but I found a friend who had it and I purchased it off him. I can proudly say that was the first game I had ever purchased with my own money. I love that game so much I still have the copy sitting in my CD case. the story moved me. I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to write story's of my own at a very young age. I feel like this game is highly under rated and deserves some love from Square Enix!

7th Jan 2015, 09:17

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Adds Music From Xenogears (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/01/06/theatrhythm-final-fantasy-curtain-call-adds-music-xenogears/) (Siliconera)
- “Soaring the Skies,” the music that plays when Maria boards Seibzehn and fights Nikolai is available in Japan as downloadable content.

17th Jan 2015, 17:09
A wonderful game , passed several times. Sometimes take out of the box when nostalgia . I would like to see a sequel in the form of MMO with the world struggle for territory guilds rich artifacts and a full upgrade of robots ... What I dreaming )) sorry

2nd Jul 2015, 17:10
It would be nice if Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Threads of Fate and other awesome PS1 games were available on the European Playstation Store.

5th Jan 2016, 21:19
I'm surprised that Squire Enix haven't done this. Its the most poplar game in the world. What you guys/ladies think.. Should SE make one for PC steam?

19th Jan 2016, 01:28
I would like to start this thread to bring Xenogears to the new game systems. Titan fall is one of the best selling games of all times and I believe with the new technology, new open world game play Xenogears could just be a killer game again. Storyline game play as well as multiplayer and online. Have gear hangars as well as upgrads for your gear. Keep it as a gear youcan jump in and out of, don't change it to basically a suit you can enter like Ironman. Please like this and post your ideas and inputs as well. Let's bring Xenogears back!!!

31st Jan 2016, 11:02
such as amazing game should be considerate or even remake!! :D

26th Feb 2016, 17:10
Crossover - Figureheads

Square Enix Reveals Xenogears Machines In Mecha Shooter Figureheads (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/02/24/square-enix-reveals-xenogears-machines-mecha-shooter-figureheads/) (Siliconera)
- Figureheads is due a crossover promo with Xenogears, including characters, mecha, and music from the game.

5th Apr 2016, 00:27
TitanFall is mostly a FPS not TBRPG. Xenogears was perfect in his own way. And if we are talking about remake or sequel I want it to be the same way with minor changes.

26th Apr 2016, 07:54
Please square enix, please, re-release Xenogears for the PC on steam. I would buy the crap out of that game. Growing up I got so close to beating the game, but I didn't save enough and got stuck on a boss. I just would love it to be in my steam account.

That is all. I hope Square Enix considers this message.

17th May 2016, 19:50
I think it is great you are taking some of the old games that I grew up with, and remastering them for the PC. I've bought Final Fantasy 7,8,9, I'm going to get 10/10-2, and I have all of Final Fantasy 13. As you can tell, I love you guys.

There is this game that I played growing up, and I saved myself into being permanently stuck at a boss. It was Xenogears. I absolutely adored that game, but when I got stuck and couldn't get out, there was this salty taste in my mouth. But I really really really want to play it again. I could get a playstation emulator, it is just that it's annoying to set up, and it isn't native to my controller. Picky I know. And furthermore, I don't provide support to the people who made the game.

So I made a Square Enix account just for this post. Please, please port over Xenogears to PC. You definitely would have my money. It's a fantastic game.

20th Oct 2016, 20:22
World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy details Diabolos, Crystal Tower and a Xenogears Mirage (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/10/world-final-fantasy-details-diabolos-crystal-tower-xenogears-mirage-weekly-jump/) in Weekly Jump (Nova Crystallis)
- World of Final Fantasy Adds A Xenogears Mirage (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/10/20/world-final-fantasy-adds-xenogears-mirage/) (Siliconera)