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2nd Dec 2008, 19:26
I'm sure everyone who owns this game, or at least everyone who is visiting these pages, has fallen through the world at least once; I bring to you today a slightly more dire problem. Two, in fact.

First, I own the PC version of the game. I'm stuck in Xibalba because, picking up a first aid kit, I dropped a staff through the wall. Through. The wall. Unfortunately, this was apparently a magic staff because I cannot follow it through the wall, and despite being able to see a good half of it (the bottom half) I cannot pick it up; I have no way to move it. This staff is necessary to progress, and I therefore am stuck, with no way to restart the level or reset loose variables.

Secondly, the webmaster for the Tomb Raider site (with customer service / tech support conspicuously absent) is unreachable - I have tried sending an email from three different ISPs - NCSU school network, aol.com, and my blackberry - and have all three times received a response not from the patch team, but from MAILER-DAEMON!

I think we can all agree that Eidos has dropped the ball by refusing to address our concerns or just by simply being unavailable. Please help me in bringing these issues to them until they can fix their own mistakes - or just give us our money back.

-- Edit #1
I own the PC version via a Steam download; this gives no customer support / tech information and no manual. Please contact me with any working addresses you have that I can send these concerns to if you bought the game elsewhere.

3rd Dec 2008, 09:00
This staff is necessary to progress, and I therefore am stuck, with no way to restart the level or reset loose variables.
I take it you haven't noticed that the game comes with a save feature that allows you to save up to 32 games at a time?

Regular use (at least once every level should be sufficient) prevents having to start all over...

And, failing that, next time this happens just stick a grenade to a wall and stand Lara right next to it before you run to the next checkpoint.

3rd Dec 2008, 10:51
When last l looked technical support had numerous contact details in almost every part of the world, the contact details are in the back of the manual as they always are. Does not matter which manual you use any recent Eidos game has the address, you could have even found the details on the Eidos site, or by just googling for them.

Why would you be asking a webmaster for technical help?

3rd Dec 2008, 22:54
The games riddled with clipping problems.

Why is it so hard to have lara's feet not sink into the ground or not have things floating in the air, i've seen dead spiders just floating.

As great as the game looks it's riddled with bugs.