View Full Version : TRU instiallation problems for Vista

2nd Dec 2008, 04:22
I just bought Tomb Raider Underworld today for Windows Vista and every time I try to install it I get a "Setup.exe has stopped working" error message. I don't know what to do to fix it or get it to load. I got the game for my father for christmas and I wanted to make sure it was something he would like but looks like I can't=[

Please help me as soon as possible I need to know if I should take it back to the store or not.

2nd Dec 2008, 14:42
If you have antivirus or a firewall try disabling them during the install. Do you have UAC enabled? if so try disabling that during the install.

I have vista and had no issues installing it.

2nd Dec 2008, 18:21
How do I check to see if I do have UAC? I don\\\'t know what that is. I may be a computer nerd but I don\\\'t know everything.....yet>.<

3rd Dec 2008, 01:44
I turned off the anti virus and firewall and the UAC-thank god for google.


I am getting really mad here

3rd Dec 2008, 03:10
I got it to work!!! YAY!!!!! I ended up opening it from folders instead and found a second setup on it. Thanks for trying to help me though

3rd Dec 2008, 03:44
:P Sorry you didn't seem to get much help, but thanks for sharing the solution you'd found :)