View Full Version : Title of The Dark Prophecy

1st Dec 2008, 14:39
I actually love the title. (It is my favourite of all LoK titles)

Raziel's daughter
1st Dec 2008, 19:23
don't really care

the only thing i want is a new lok game

2nd Dec 2008, 03:17
No, a little too cheesy I think.

2nd Dec 2008, 20:17
I don't really care if they called it "Legacy of Kain: Happy Kittens Beach Vollyball Fun Time!!!!" so long as they make it a good game that finishes up the plot (or at least fills some major holes. Perhaps they'll need another game to finish it after the next, but it's doubtful).

Guardian of Spirit
12th May 2009, 13:35
I dunno... I think "The Dark Prophecy" is too much "darker" for a new chapter that shuold promise new things, new events and characters... I mean, after defeating EG everything should be alright...shouldn't it?? The title promises some other dark turns of the story... mmm...:scratch:... it would have been better instead of "Defiance" title because the vampire prophecy was first mentioned there...

12th May 2009, 16:51
The Elder God isn't beaten. He is too big and if he truly is the hub of the wheel then he can never be killed. The Legacy of Kain ends probably when the pillars are restored, since that's the target can has always tried to reach.

Guardian of Spirit
12th May 2009, 17:38
You're right, EG will really be defeated once and for all with the restoration of the pillars but it never happened before, I mean, the "temporarily" defeat of EG... Kain has never seen EG and defeated him (always temporarily) so maybe this is the truly chance to set everything alright...Understood what I ment??:p:p

30th May 2009, 01:25
Perhaps if that game was released, we would know why the title was named this way.