View Full Version : Site Update?

1st Dec 2008, 07:56
i'm just wondering; when can we expect a fully featured DX3.com to be up and running with trailers and background info and the like?

1st Dec 2008, 07:57
Isn't the dev blog supposed to be up some time soon? :scratch:

1st Dec 2008, 08:13
It is. There's a sneak peek photo of it from the MIGS show. As for the date, nothing concrete, but I'd say sometime this month probably.

Tracer Tong
2nd Dec 2008, 08:30
Dev blog kthx:whistle:

2nd Dec 2008, 09:27

It's on it's way. It's projected for Mid-December*

7th Dec 2008, 00:31
this is a little off topic; but i'm curious as to why only europe has gotten any hard data on DX3 thus far.

7th Dec 2008, 00:52
^ I know nothing about marketing, but I'm betting that they are waiting for the big reveal to be based in the US and Canada. Its pretty much the most important territory for sales so it is beneficial for it to be revealed there suddenly and spectacularly. Perhaps just testing the water with good ol' Europe? Noting the reactions to publicity? I'm not complaining!

7th Dec 2008, 01:22
It's projected for Mid-DecemberIt was. :D