View Full Version : PS3 - Games Testing - Tomb Raider Underworld

30th Nov 2008, 12:47
Someone from Eidos/CD

Please give me the name, e-mail address and telephone number of your games testers or better still give them P45's....................

I'd like to give them a serious piece of my mind for letting this exceptionally shoddy game through Quality Assurance. After playing the first three levels I am massivley disappointed with this game with the amount of bugs I have discovered so far.

Yep, its AOD all over again. SORT IT OUT. How can you expect people to pay £35-40 for an obviously untested game! I assume Eidos/CD testers were obviously asleep for most of the time they were testing this game.

I can only assume that CD/Eidos shoved this out the door for the Christmas rush. I would have been happier to wait till 2009 till the game was actually tested to destruction.

Yours sincerely

An angry tomb raider player of 12 years.