View Full Version : TUTORIAL: Using "Reason for Editing" as Subtext

Tracer Tong
30th Nov 2008, 09:46
Hello, I'd like to start a funny idea... Abusing the "Reason for Editing" textbox...

The next post is an example...:cool:

Tracer Tong
30th Nov 2008, 09:47
DX:IW is the greatest game EVER...

30th Nov 2008, 12:04
Of course they do!

Everything i say is a lie.

Lazarus Ledd
30th Nov 2008, 16:39
Deus Ex invisible War is superb!!!

30th Nov 2008, 18:41
This is exactly the sort of thing that happens to people who only ever post in a single subforum. That one subforum becomes the entire internet to them, and they spew everything into it, whether it's even remotely on-topic or not.

30th Nov 2008, 20:31
ZylonBane is sooooo cool.

Tracer Tong
2nd Dec 2008, 08:32
ZylonBane: I wanted the DX3 community to know about the method... No one would have read it in the offtopic forum...


ZylonBane is sooooo cool.

So true...

2nd Dec 2008, 09:26
^^ I agree with the edit subtext