View Full Version : X360 vs PC

29th Nov 2008, 19:29
Arrr!:mad2: what i hate most of Just Cause is that there's no patch for it.
It like Edios :rasp: us on one thing:
The graphics from the x360 version.
I've now how the full version of Just Cause looks like on PC and X360,
That's dissing!
:eek: I just dont get it!
And please, if you, the support, looks on this, please, make a patch!
And it sucks that there's no multiplay on JC!
**** you dont get awat with this Edios!
I'll be watching you! ****

28th Feb 2010, 05:58
There will most likely never be a patch for JC1, because JC2 is coming out soon. And 90% of the time a developer makes a sequel, they pretty much ditch the previous game.