View Full Version : Game freezed in one part of the artic level/ rebooted console, trying to exit game.

29th Nov 2008, 13:03
Hi there.

I bought the Tomb Raider game for Playstation3 System three day ago and i had just finished the game. But i had two little problems. First: When passing throught the Artic chapter, almost at the part where we can find the door to get to Thor's hammer, my game went a little bit strange..i was being attacked by an undead norse guy, and then the image on the screen went all black and i wasn't able to get to the Playstation3 main menu or turn the console off through the On/Off button.
Second: Just when i finished the game, watched all the credits and the game returns to it's main menu, i went to the Playstation3 main menu to be able to get out of the game, but when i have done that, the console rebooted by it self. I'm getting a little worried if the problem might be from the game i bought or from the console. I would like to have an answer on this, as soon as possible please. Thanks for your time!

bonnie :)
2nd Dec 2008, 05:34

I have a similiar problem. I recently bought a new 80GB PS3 & TRU. The system updated and also the game disc updated. Even so, when playing the game it froze and crashed the system 5 times so far. I had to force a shut down to standby mode and then reload the game. Good thing I like to save often. I absolutely love this TR game (been a fan since '96) but I don't know if the problem is caused from the console or the game.

In either case, I intend to return the PS3 but no doubt the store I purchased it from, will not allow a return or possibly even an exchange. I didn't know I was paying $400 for a product that doesn't work properly or that a game could cause damage! So just like a computer, if it freezes/crashes, there is something wrong and could cause corruption or damage that will eventually break the unit. Video games and consoles are history to me now.