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28th Nov 2008, 16:07
help plz.:mad2: .. this is insanity.:mad2: . i have tryed all paths whats is possible cant see the last to get thruu the hammer hall,, i have ride all the hammers and i im in the end of hall, but cant climb up:confused: :confused: i have missed something i know but what:confused::nut: her field assistance says,, u have to ride that hammer cross the hall again:confused: :confused: hmmm ... if some one have done this section plz tell me what i have missed:confused: :nut: regards Diesel

28th Nov 2008, 17:14
To get to the last hammer, there is a room at the far right of the main hammer hall with two large weights going up and down..to get onto these weights you have to wait until one is near the ground and do a wall jump between the wall and the weight to get on top of it, then when at the top move along the chains by pressing the action button repeatedly..this will lead to the last hammer.

Not sure if you've tried that already..