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28th Nov 2008, 15:58
These are simply a few of the features I hope Arkham Asylum will have, I have listed my expectations, and my hopes. These are in no specific order.
I have used several games I have previously played as examples.

1. Combat
Expectations: The combat will be somewhat similar to Batman Begins, and what I mean is the ability to change targets on the fly.I also loved how he have several different finishing animations and context sensitive moves (such as a block breaker, or a multi-assailant kick).

Hopes: Combat will involve the environment to Batman's advantage (some sort of combo that will smash a thung's head into the wall, Using a batarang at a range to tip something over and render a thug unconscious, etc.)

Expectations: A fully interactable environment, with the player having to use their common sense to accomplish things (similar to the way in Half Life 2 EVERYTHING can be somehow interacted with). The environment should be creepy, dark, Batman with a Bioshock-ish feel of creepiness to it.

Hopes: The environment enough different interactions so at least I would WANT to play a second time to see how things would become different. And fear. Batman Begins had the first original concept of fear in a Batman game, which worked well. The only problem was your options for inducing fear to your opponents was so limited, the game could just play itself.

3. Sneaking
Expectations: Batman isn't all beat-em-up take names and save the day. He should be very careful and stealthy. IMO Oblivion did well with sneaking. The amount of noise you made whether you were walking or running and the amount of light shone on you depended on how concealed you were. My only gripe is that all you COULD do was walk or run in a sneak mode.

Hopes: Batman should again, interact the environment, to sneak around. Think, Mirror's edge running around( climbing around on side and overhead pipes, climbing over crates,obstacles, etc.), but slowed down to make less noise and in third person.

4. Gadgets
Expectations: Batman should have an arsenal of different gadgets from his trusty Batarang, to his famous grapple gun.
Hopes: Come on Rockstar, surprise me.
EDIT: Ah I know, give us an RPG-type element, with upgradable armaments and gadgets. Possibly varying suits with different upgrades and abilities.

This is just my personal hopes and expectations for Batman: Arkham Asylum, I like to use several different references because I believed some games had certain aspects that B:AA should have.

29th Nov 2008, 05:09
I agree with Batfan on most of the cases like 'having parkour movements and the use of environment '. Also in addition to this I would like to see a few things like :

Combat:The boss fights should require the individuals to think rather than just charging in with a couple of martial arts moves. Also there should be multiple approaches to the boss fights and most of them will require the player to give a deliberate effort in their thinking . For eg some of the possible approaches could be that Batman depends solely upon the environment to defeat the enemy or can depend on his gadgets or he can combine both. The approaches should be such that every time we 're-play' the game we should be able to come up with new ways of defeating the enemy.

Optimization: This is very important especially for the pc version. If the game is poorly optimized then no matter how good the gameplay is, we the players won't be able to appreciate the game. You guys can take your time but please don't give us a poorly optimized game with hefty system requirements!!
(we had enough with the poorly optimized spider-man games).

Camera choice: A choice between playing in the third or first person would be great.(like oblivion for eg). This has a great effect on increasing the replay value of the game.

30th Nov 2008, 08:18
DEFINITELY coop Gameplay, game makers must now realize that not all video gamers are loners. Left 4 Dead just came out and it was simply amazing because i could finally play a campaign game with my friends and bot bashing. It would be amazing if coop players could choose from Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl (cassandra cain or Barbara gordon) and possibly huntress although she could be hard to include

30th Nov 2008, 09:19
I'd like this game to maintain the level of realism The Dark Knight portrayed. Straying outside the realm of possibility might alienate some of the more hardocre fans like myself.

30th Nov 2008, 21:40
I agree with the realism. They should try to take some of the Dark Knight's elements and add them to the game. Nothing crazy. I'm not a big fan of the weird storylines that just couldn't happen in real life. No worm-holes or aliens, just pure Batman vs. everyone else. I would like to see some multi-dimensional gameplay...if you want to play the game with stealth, or just simply run in a room and clear it with batarangs and smoke, let us figure out how we want Batman to play.

I also hope that they don't screw up the look of Batman. Just stick to the comic book version of him. So far the screenshots look pretty good, I don't like the length of his ears, but everything else looks good. I would like to see some different costumes, every difficulty you beat the game on, or if you find certain objects in the game then you unlock different costumes. The regular grey and black, then maybe blue and black, then the dark knight costume, and even some different chest logos. Just to add a bit of variety to the game.

1st Dec 2008, 04:31
RedFalcon and Moviefone both of u have mentioned an interesting point. Realism and choosing how to play the game should definently play a major role in the gameplay. I also believe that inorder to maintain the realism , the players should have a choice in removing the hud and other elemnts from the gameplay screen.

2nd Dec 2008, 22:45
I just hope it doesn't suck.

9th Dec 2008, 12:12
Two Words for voice of Joker

Mark Hamill

Two Words for voice of Batman

Kevin Conroy

9th Dec 2008, 19:31
Personally I would like to see a villian mode. As you defeat the big villians you can go back and play as them. I don't know how you would swing it as there would be alot of gimmicks to keep track of, plus who would you fight against? Personally I see it as going against the GCPD or the Arkham Staff. But it would be cool to use Jokers acid flower and joy buzzer or Penguins umbrellas or just using Croc or Bane to smash through everything in your path. That would add incredible replayability to me.

12th Dec 2008, 21:45
Tha'd be fun.

But really, I think they should stick to one game to inspire them.

And for multi-player, it would have to innovate, it doesn't look like much of a co-op game. But they could do one player's Batman, and one player is the leader of a group of henchmen. And Batman has to take them out using predetory teqniqes.

15th Dec 2008, 02:59
Two Words for voice of Joker

Mark Hamill

Two Words for voice of Batman

Kevin Conroy

I wholeheartedly agree! Now that IMDB confirms that both Mark and Kevin are amongst the voice talent, I have high hopes for this game. Also with Paul Dini working on this, I'm fairly confident that the story won't be lame either. Nothing's worse than great talent and production values with a cruddy story.

17th Dec 2008, 20:02
First and foremost improvisation. Bat should be able to improvise everything from environment to enemies to bosses, everything.
There should a lot many ways to deal with a situation than just a single best way.
Complexity in story. Where there is a joker there is a thousand twist. well at least 3 or 4, eidos?
I dont think its gonna be a t rated with all that blood on hte wall of that cell.
M rated.:D
Realistic sound. If a goon just says aah from a punch to the jaw, thats gonna put me down. It should be...... OMG THAT HURTS.:lol: