View Full Version : valhalla section..

28th Nov 2008, 15:47
help help help... this is insanity... is here some1 who can help me with this section plz.. i have ride the hammers cross the hall, and is in the end of the hall but cant climb up to finisch hall now.. i have tryed so many paths i can cry..i think i have missed something but what?:confused: :confused: :confused: ????? in hers field assistance she says only u need to ride that hammer a cross the hall again,, but i cant get to that hammer im really stuck here i have played this section now for 40 hours at least:mad2: :mad2: :confused: .... plz if some one have done this section .best regard / Diesel

29th Nov 2008, 15:47
i have played this section now for 40 hours at least


You've made 'four' threads about this and never thought to check the many underworld walk throughs currently on the internet ?

Oh look here's one and it took me a couple of seconds !!