View Full Version : I hereby motion for a new Tomb Raider Novel!

28th Nov 2008, 05:39
I loved the first three books and I would love to read a fourth, this time in continuation of The Tomb Raider: Legend- Tomb Raider: Underworld story!

Anyone agree with me?

28th Nov 2008, 07:32
They definitely should get more Tomb Raider novels published. :)

30th Nov 2008, 03:26
I've always wanted to read a TR novel. :D Sure, why not?

30th Nov 2008, 03:29
I have a thread about that, I am looking to publish one. I don't know about the legalities of the whole thing, but it would be fun to bring what I want into Lara. You guys shoud post in my thread. :D