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26th Nov 2008, 08:42
Hi...i am new here i just started playing the Battlestations Midway ..Excually i am about to order Battlestations Midway than i saw Battlestations Pacific can i know how many MB Graphic card does it need? Like maybe 256 MB..512..1 GB?. And how much does it cost? ^^ i hope the game is available for demo version...maybe if i wan to order it i hope it cost $ 19.99 = RM 70..and i hope it reach to Malaysia Here.. please answer my question ^^ thanks guyz

The M00ps
1st Dec 2008, 01:49
Battlestations: Pacific has not been released yet. The best info we have so far is early 2009. The system requirements have not been published either.

3rd Jan 2009, 21:22
a realse date as in like june 45 1556 i know that doesnt exist. But a realse date is set for etheir
A.the Q2 of 09 ( june 30 2009) :D
B. Winter 2009:mad2: