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25th Nov 2008, 12:57
I thought, in DX1 you can choose things the protagonist can say, but you can not make him stop talking, or change his opinion.

What if during talking you can affect things?

1) Hold the talk: If you are talking to someone and see a suspicious guy, you can stop talking and threatenly look at the guy (he might wanna spy your conversation) and continue talking when you want.
You partner of conversation may wonder whats happening and ask you like: "Hey dude, what's wrong?" There you can have the option to say "nothing" and move away following the suspicious guy (unfriendly), or say "nothing" and keep talking, or just keep talking.
You can also apologize and keep talking or apologize and say you have to go, etc.
You can also ask him/her to wait a moment to go to knock out a guy or something like that, randomly people can either wait, or just say "***** off" and go (depends on character, a thug might be less patient than a waitress).

2) Change opinion/decision: You can begin answering a question, but then realise you better say something different, there you can interrupt what you begin to say. Sometimes you probably need to directly tell the other guy that you changed your opinion.
Another situation might be, if you ordered a guy something and he's on the way to bring it to you, you can call him back telling you want something else, etc.

3) Changing the place of conversation: If you feel uncomfortable you can ask someone to follow you into another place to continue the conversation, this can also be a way to lure people somewhere to do unfriendly things to them.

25th Nov 2008, 13:25
this can also be a way to lure people somewhere to do unfriendly things to them.

25th Nov 2008, 19:38
I think DX3 will have something to that effect, but for the PLAYER, instead of the in-game protagonist.

From what I understand, the NPCs facial expressions will change when you hover over conversation option so you can read their motives and tell if they are lying/sympathize with an option/disagree with an option/are becoming uncomfortable.

Reminds me of Speechcraft in Oblivion (where you could hover over a speech option to see an NPCs preferences) but the DX3 system all ready seems eons more advanced and useful in game. You won't have to reload a save if you make the wrong statement to an NPC, because you'll have the ability to see a glimpse of their reaction for each speech option.

At first seems a little like cheating, but in real conversation you can do the same thing. You read the persons reactions and if things start going south you can change the topic. You can also pick out tell-tale signs of lying, so that adds a lot of depth to possible NPC reactions.

Perhaps NPCs you are not familiar with, or are in opposing factions will lie to you purposefully to put you in harm's way, and it will be required of you to sense when they are not quite being truthful in order to save your own hide later on.

25th Nov 2008, 20:22
Sounds like it could be fun if done properly.

One of the things I really didn't like about Oblivion and Fallout 3 was that there weren't any real consequences for saying something during a conversation. Most of the time all you were doing was just clicking on the dialogue options untill there wasn't anything left to say.

Also, one of the things I liked about Fallout 2 was the abundance of consequences during a conversation. I remember how you have the option with almost every character you talk with to say something like - "f**k you! DIE!" - and a fight ensues. Good times. People had really short fuses in that game... sometimes you would just show up and say hi to some dudes and they will get pissed and start shooting you. I love that.

26th Nov 2008, 11:16
What about to give a conversation another twist, by pulling your (implant) knife and hold it at the guys throat? Might get them more cooperative, others can eventually take offense and try to defend.

26th Nov 2008, 14:42
this can also be a way to lure people somewhere to do unfriendly things to them.


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