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24th Nov 2008, 18:22
i have a problem whit this game , in the bigining of the game... i only see the eyes and the hair of lara... jajajaj ...eidos have a parch? o something...for fix this bug?

ati radeon 4800 series
win xp
intel quad cuore
3,4... Gb

pliss answerme!!!!! I want play this gameeeeee

24th Nov 2008, 19:38
Post your DXDiag. :)

Felis Catus
24th Nov 2008, 21:31
And a screenshot, while you're at it... I'd like to see this! :D

I'm playing on a HD4850 and have no such problems, btw.

25th Nov 2008, 01:14
first , this is a scren... for my pc...i don't now what is DXDiag but..very thanks for you help!!!

http://www.imagechile.net/imgt/img3_1227575533f.JPG (http://www.imagechile.net/vista.php?id=img3_1227575533f.JPG)

http://www.imagechile.net/imgt/img7_1227575612i.JPG (http://www.imagechile.net/vista.php?id=img7_1227575612i.JPG)

thanks!!!! i hope is not very serius.. i play perfectly fie Call of duty, world at war full....

thanks again!!! :D

PS sorry for my inglish

25th Nov 2008, 01:40
go to start, click 'run', and type dxdiag in the box, then hit enter. There should be an option to save a report as a *.txt file. Save it to your desktop, then open it, copy what's in there, and paste it in a post here. That's what they mean by dxdiag.

25th Nov 2008, 10:52
Try enabling AA, that seems to clear it up for other people with this problem.

25th Nov 2008, 14:38
ok, when i left the work i do that and i show you the DXDiag; and whats is the AA , where i enabled that option?

very thanks!!!


25th Nov 2008, 14:40
ok, when i left the work i do that and i show you the DXDiag; and whats is the AA , where i enabled that option?

very thanks!!!


You can enable AA at the Startup menu right after you Click Tomb Raider Underworld Icon..the option is available before you enter the game itself.

25th Nov 2008, 14:51
Just run TRUsetup.exe an put the graphic options in a lower point: i. e. disable shadows, AA, water effects, reflections, etc. Then run TRU and after that you can enable features just until your game runs perfectly.
I had the same problem with an ATI Sapphire x1550, but it's not a problem, only a bad setup of the graphics that by default come with all enabled: your graphic card doesn't support them.

25th Nov 2008, 21:41
there is the dxdiag


i change the option from video.... evrething in down and the problem continue.... i don't now what to do... very thanks!!!! of all of you