View Full Version : CTD 2 turns into Yggdrasil

24th Nov 2008, 08:37
So I run into the Yggdrasil level, turn left at the end of the hall, run down the stairs, turn right and bam, I'm looking at my desktop.

all my drivers are up to date.

defragged, reinstalled, nada.

new game plays fine. I just cannot get past that one point.

The really odd point, is that i can run around _just_ before that point, but if i try to go past it I'm staring at my desktop again, no error message.

any help to be had? :/

24th Nov 2008, 08:38
Huh. System specs? Running any background programs/tasks? What happens with/without the background tasks?
Any CTDs at any previous point?

24th Nov 2008, 08:43
nothing else, no crashing like this at any rate. it did crash before, but i had alt-tabbed out, so i can see why it would have.

and my specs are dead center in the systemreqlab min-max guage :v

i'm almost at the end of the game i mean c'mon. why am i having an issue _now_ of all times?

24th Nov 2008, 09:01
and my specs are dead center in the systemreqlab min-max guage :v


24th Nov 2008, 09:07
XP sp2

AMD64 3000+
Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU
1.5GB DDR2 Ram
400gb HDD
8600GTS (178.24 drivers)
directx install from whatever was current last wednesday
Soundblaster 128 PCI


of which none of them even begin to explain why i can play that far and then it drops at a single spot consistantly even through a defrag, and reinstall.

24th Nov 2008, 09:33
the ledge just in front of lara in this screenshot (http://kenabi.nulani.net/doot/new/tru.png) is the one i can't go past.

i can run around all i like before it, head back to the previous area, etcetc

but i try to cross that ledge and bam, instant desktop.

24th Nov 2008, 09:49
nevermind, just found a bug.

if you look a bit to th e left and far back in the corner, you see a thrall.

lure it out with a grenade thrown as far as possible into the almost exact center of the hall

when he gets in range of the hammer, kill it.

when it dies, it should be safe to continue.

no more crash.

27th Nov 2008, 15:59
I have exactly the same problem

Crash to Desktop at the exact same position

I tried killing each Thrall that comes my way, luring with grenades, till I can hear NONE in the distance, then try going past this spot and BAM! crash again...

I have tried reinstalling after complete uninstall, deleting registry inputs, defraging and everything else I could think of. I also have latest Catalyst Drivers for my ATI HD 3870. Im running Vista Business x64, on an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM DDR2 800 Mhz and a Seagate 500 GB SATA2 HDD.

All my other games run just fine, older and newer games alike..

This crash ruined the total experience for me, a tomb raider game that enjoyed me more than many other todays games...