View Full Version : FPS Issue

23rd Nov 2008, 02:18
Hi All,

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I ran the demo perfectly and now I have the full game and it runs great for the most part on my Geforce 7800 GS OC with everything on high, but at specific areas I get huge FPS Drops. First spot is when trying to escape the sinking ship, and another area is the begining of the thailand level. It only happens if I look a specific way, if I turn the camera another way the game runs smoothly. Ive turned everything on low and got around it but even on low there is still a few areas in the level I get a massive fps drop. I believe I read it had something to do with 6 & 7 series cards and has to do with shaders or something. Is there a way via console or something to turn off what is causing the fps issue? or will I have to wait for drivers / patch? :(