View Full Version : thailand problem

23rd Nov 2008, 01:16
Hi !

..i have a problem with savegames in thailand..it happened to me 3 times already, and every time i have to start a new game from the beginning (prologue)..

..this is what happens; while playing the thailand level, when i want to do a savegame, i press save, game saves, and then crashes back to windows without any error notice..

..i thought i could load that save game but the moment i try to load it, game crashes back to windows, again, witout any error notice..

..but the funny thing is that when i do a save game in Mediterranean Sea levels, i can save and load it without any problems...

..i have spent all day trying to solve this problem and nothing won`t work..my sound and graphics drivers are updated and i have even disabled ffdshow audio and video decoder..

..does anyone have the slightest idea what could be the problem..? :scratch:

..i would be very grateful..

..tnx, bye.. ;)