View Full Version : Self Shadow Lara Must Fix!!!!!!! PC

22nd Nov 2008, 23:29
Hey Guys,
Im Running Tomb raider underworld demo and the self shadow is all blocky, liney and flickering. Its really bad in the opening cinematic and when she is out in the sun? I am running tomb raider with a 9600GT 1GB ram 2.00GHz and dual core. is it a problem with my computer? cause the game runs smoothly and all, but the shadow is shocking.

HOW DO I FIX THIS ISSUE????????????????????????????????????

please dont stray from this subject, post another thread if you have to ask about other consoles. :o

26th Nov 2008, 23:58
isn't a real issue, no way to fix it, sorry. ;)
It looks ugly, yes, and it looks the same on the PS3 (played the PC demo). I guess self-shadows just weren't an area of focus. I've played the PS3 version for roughly 6 or 7 hours now and I have to say that this one shot in the opening cinematic of the demo is the only scene in the whole game so far where this "issue" is so "in your face".